Outline of Okayama

1.Okayama's location in Japan: on the cross-point in the Chugoku-Shikoku region.
The Sanyo Highway, the three large rivers and the Seto Inland Sea, used as water transportation, all have made Okayama an important location for transportation between the Chugoku-Shikoku regions. These conditions have largely contributed to the development of various industry, business and culture, which have flourished from the ancient Kibi times to present.
Okayama Prefecture is steadily developing as the cross-point for the Chugoku-Shikoku region because of its interstate highways which stretch in all directions of the Prefecture, the Okayama Airport which flies both International and Domestic, and also railway and bullet train accesses to the East, West, South and North of Japan.


Points of Interest
1.There is an enormous amount of historical sites and scenic views.
·Number of historical sites, scenic spots, and natural monuments.
Ranked 10th in Japan (Number in Japan: 2,825 items, Okayama: 70 items)

2.Road Conditions
·Highway extension (length of national highways per 1,000 km2)
Ranked 5th in Japan (National Average: 20 km per 1,000km2, Okayama: 41 km per 1000km2)

2.Okayama's general conditions: Mountains, rivers and also the sea.
Total area:
7,113.00 km2, 1.9% of Japan and ranked 17th of Japan's 47 prefectures.
Geographic Features:
In the Northern Region lies the Chugoku Mountains and basin, in the Central Region lies the Kibi Plateau and hilly areas, and in the Southern Region is spread out with the plains.
The Northern Region is blessed with the mountains and hot springs, and the Southern Region is blessed with the calm sea and many beautiful islands that has beautifully painted (framed) the Seto Inland Sea.
The Chugoku Mountains is the source for the origin for the three major rivers (Yoshii River, Asahi River and the Takahashi River), praised for its rich supply of high quality water, wet farm lands, abundant supply for daily activities, and is also utilized by the manufacturing industry.
The spread from Okayama to Kurashiki City contains approximately 1,170,000 residents. This is about 60% of the total population concentrated in this region. However, the middle- northern region, mainly small municipalities, is decreasing and aging. As of 2000, 18 of the 27 municipalities are designated as depopulated regions.
Points of Interest
Total Area Breakdown:
Forest Region: 68.1 %
Agriculture Region: 10.3 %
Remaining: 21.6 %
Total Population:
1,957,264 people (Ranked 21st, Japan: 127,767,994 -2005)
732,346 households (Ranked 17th, Japan: 49,566,305 -2005)
Population Density:
275 people (Ranked 24th, National Average: 343 -2005)
Rate of Senior Citizens:
22.4% (Ranked 24th, National Average: 20.1 % -2005)
Agriculture, fishery and forestry 6.4%, Industry 29.2% and Service 62.9% (Japan: Agriculture, fishery and forestry 4.8%, Industry 26.1% and Service 67.2% -2006)

3.Okayama Prefecture is known as the Land of Sunshine. -We have fine weather, mild climate, hardly any natural disasters, lots of delicious foods, natural beauty and the list goes on.
1. Okayama Prefecture certainly has many days of sunshine.
2.The number of days with precipitation below 1 mm is 276 days a year. Ranked 1st
3.Total hours of Sunlight in a year: 2,010 hours, Ranked 12th in Japan
4.Total precipitation: 1,141 mm., Ranked 7th in Japan as the least amount
In the Chugoku-Shikoku region, Okayama is 2nd with the least amount of precipitation, and 4rd in total hours of sunlight.
Points of interest
Okayama lifestyle: an easy place to live:
The number of supermarkets in a ratio of 100,000 people to the population is ranked 11th in Japan.
(National average: 15.5 shops, Okayama: 19.4 shops)

2.Medical facilities:
The number of physicians and surgeons in a ratio of 100,000 people to the population is ranked 8th in Japan.
(National average: 217.5 people, Okayama: 264.1 people)
The number of dentists in a ratio of 100,000 people to the population is ranked 8th in Japan.
(National average: 76.1 people, Okayama: 78.7 people)
The number of emergency hospitals in a ratio of 100,000 people to the population is Ranked 9th in Japan.
(National average: 3.2 facilities, Okayama: 4.5 facilities)

Okayama Facts: Expressed in a single word.
1.) Mild weather, few disasters, and easy to live in because it's The Land of Sunshine.
2.) Many delicious fruits, otherwise known as the Fruit Kingdom.
3.) The history of the origin of the ancient culture, and the legend of Momotaro.